Exclusive e-Greetings ready for all major festivals & events...

Various design options for major festivals / events / community days with greeting messages in English, Hindi & Marathi

e-Greetings customized in 3 layouts to suit various apps

facebook layout

Social Layout

whatsapp hike layout

Mobile Layout

email layout

Email Layout

A sneak peak of what is in store for you...

Select from our wide variety of elegantly designed e-greetings


18% GST extra applicable on all packages.

Frequently Ask Question

Select from our wide variety of elegantly designed e-greetings

1. What is Insta Greetings?

Insta Greetings - Worlds 1st app for customized e-Greetings of Festivals, Celebrations, Personal Wishes & Inspirational Quotes. Insta Greetings can be customized with the senders name, logo, company name & contact details. Insta Greetings comes in 3 different sizes each suitable for Mobile Apps, Social Media & Email Template.

2. How it works?

You Select >> We Customize >> You Share

  • a. You pick your favorite design from our gallery of exclusive e-greetings
  • b. We customize the selected e-greeting with your name, logo, company name & address
  • c. You share the customized e-greeting to your contacts through almost all digital media platforms

3. How & where can I use my Insta Greeting?

Insta Greetings can be shared

  • - as e-Greetings on WhatsApp / Hike / WeChat / Messenger and similar mobile apps
  • - as Your Status on WhatsApp & Story on Instagram / Facebook and similar social media apps
  • - as News Feeds, Posts or Tweets on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar social media apps.
  • - as an e-mail attachment
  • - as cover pages for various social media profiles.

4. On what platforms does Insta Greetings work?

Insta Greetings can be used with Android based smart phones and on personal computers through internet browsers.

5. Can I use/login Insta Greetings on multiple devices?

You can use Insta Greetings on multiple devices with your login credentials.

6. How many languages are Insta Greetings available in?

The messages in Insta Greetings are currently available in English, Hindi & Marathi language. We are in pursuit to add other Indian languages as well.

1. What is the validity of the Insta Greeting Package?

Your Insta Greeting package is active for One year from the date of activation or till you consume all your credits of e-greetings, whichever is earlier.

2. How many e-Greetings can I use from a single category?

You can use only 1 e-greeting from a single category of festivals, celebrations or personal wishes.

3. How many quotes can I download from the Inspirational Quotes category?

  • a. If you are a non-subscribed user get 1 e-greeting per day from the Inspirational Quotes category.
  • b. If you are a subscribed user, you can download 05 e-greetings per day from the Inspirational quotes category.

1. How do I make the payment?

You can pay using various payment options like NEFT / UPI / Net Banking / Debit & Credit Cards.

2. How much time does it take to activate my Insta Greeting package?

Your Insta Greeting package is activated immediately after the payment has been processed.

  • Immediately for Online Payment (Debit/Credit Card, Internet Banking, UPI)
  • 4 Hrs to 24 Hrs for Offline Payments (NEFT) :

1. How do I subscribe the package?

You can subscribe to the package from the Insta Greetings website under Packages Menu. You can also subscribe to the Insta Greeting package through the Buy package menu on the Insta Greeting App available on the Playstore.

1. How do I order my customized e-greeting?

You just need to follow these simple steps;

  • a. Select the design for your e-greeting from the gallery.
  • b. Check the details to be displayed on the e-greeting.
  • c. Select the Preferred Language & media
  • d. Place order.

2. How do I add my details to be displayed on the e-greeting ?

You can add your details on the "My Subscription" page

  • a. Sender's Name / Sender's Name 2 (optional)
  • b. Company Logo / Brand Logo / Designation
  • c. Name of the Company
  • d. Address & Contact Number (in max 60 characters )

3. How much time does it take to create my customized e-greeting?

After placing an order your customized e-greeting will be delivered to you within 24 working hours.

4. How to track ordered e-greeting processing?

Order can be tracked easily with “Track my order” feature, available in my subscriptions menu.

5. Can I cancel the order for e-greeting?

Once the order is placed you cannot cancel the order. Please take care while placing the order.

6. Can I add more than one logo or company name to my e-greeting?

You can add only one logo / company per subscription of Insta Greetings. For multiple logos you have to subscribe to multiple packages.

7. Can I use a single e-greeting for multiple sender name / company name?

You can add maximum two entries for the sender's name on a single e-greeting. Only 1 e-greeting can be processed per category.

8. What if there is an error in the processed e-greeting?

In case you find any discrepancy, you can raise a issue from the "Track Order" menu and the same will be reviewed and revised

9. In which formats are the e-greetings delivered to me?

All e-greetings will be delivered to you in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.